EVE Online Video Projects

In the past few years I’ve gotten involved with an online game called EVE Online, an MMO (of internet spaceships as the community calls it) developed by the Icelandic company CCP Games. Below are four videos produced, filmed, and scored by me for EVE Online. Currently I am scoring a documentary, which should come out in December. This film is about EVE Online’s most recent war World War Bee.

Empires of EVE: The Siege of C-J6MT.
Written by Andrew Groen. Produced, filmed, and scored by Paul Leary

Mordus Angels
written, filmed, produced, score and motion graphics by Paul Leary

This is My EVE
EVE Online video contest winner. Written, produced and scored by Paul Leary


Produced, filmed, and Scored by Paul Leary
Featuring Lowell Hutcheson, Vocals