Music and Media

Instrumental and Electronic Music

Album: Artificial Intelligence

5. strangers

4. everest

3. as much darkness as daylight


1. Typha

2. Driver

The Weight of Water (Fallbrook)
A selection from the larger work The Weight of Water

Larger Than Us
for Pierrot Ensemble, electronics, and video

America Now

Max 7, Arduino, Bicycle Wheels, Bamboo Flute

Perfume: in Memory of Kurt Cobain and the Music of Nirvana
for Piano, electronics, and video
Thomas Rosenkranz, Piano
Video and Music by Paul Leary

In 1993, eight months before taking his own life, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the famed Seattle grunge band Nirvana, gave an interview and stated that Patrick Süskind’s book Perfume was a book that he read frequently, and that it continuously haunted him.  The book recounts the life of a perfume apprentice in France in the 18th century with an exceptional sense of smell.  The protagonist struggles to find his own place in the world, and is unable to form normal loving bonds with other people. His awkward and peculiar manner and hyperemia drive him to create the ultimate perfume, resulting in murder and his own demise.  My piece Perfume borrows the Süskind title, and uses portions of the audio from Cobain’s interview.  All the audio in this piece is sampled and manipulated from the music of Nirvana and Cobain’s voice.  Perfume was written for pianist Thomas Rosenkranz, in memory of Kurt Cobain and the music of Nirvana. Perfume Score

Number Stations
for alto saxophone and stereo electronics
Zach Herchen, Alto Saxophone

Number Stations Score

Hephaestus’ Fire
music for Anvil and Live Processed Electronics
Paul Leary, Anvil and Electronics

Fragments of a Dream
Surround sound electronics and video
Video by Christian Faur

Happy (Pharrell Williams) Remix

Revered Kelly’s Dubstep

performed on my Max 7 drum machine

Choral and Vocal

L’homme Arme
for SATB Chorus

SONAM Chorus, Durham, NC
Directed by Allan Friedman

Cries of Revelation
for SATB Chorus, Soloists, String Orchestra, Horn, Piano, and Six channel electronics.

The Chamber Choir of the Choral Society of Durham
Elizabeth Terry Joyner, Soprano
Wade Henderson, Tenor
Chris Caudill, Horn
Rodney Wynkoop, Conductor

Dum medium silentium
SATB Chorus
Vocal Arts Ensemble, Durham, NC

The Wife of Bath’s Tale, What Women Want
For Alto and Soprano Soli, Violin, and Piano
Erica Dunkel, Alto; Kristen Blackman, Soprano; Sarah Griffin, Violin; Scott Hill, Piano

O Nata Lux
SATB Chorus
commissioned by Duke University Vespers Ensemble