Max 8

These are applications designed by me for Max 8. You can download Max 8 here. My programs are collective builds that run on the Max platform, or can run as stand-alone applications. Please contact me via email if you’re interested in trying any of them out, I’d be happy to share a link with you. These programs each have a specific purpose in mind, but all have extensive versatility built into their design for creating sound exploration. I’d love to hear what you do with these machines.


Granulator is three granular synthesizers in one that offers extensive control over all aspects of the grains, including pitch, length, rate, and effects.


Reactor X is an extensive atom (sound) smasher. But can be used to create unique sounds for composition.


Machina is an 8-channel, sample-based drum machine with an effects panel for each instrument. It is designed for creating complex and continuously varying rhythmic patterns. It can also be used for live performance/processing and has a built in 12-bank sampler for easy access to sound files during performance. Listen to my piece Machina on my soundcloud for an example, found here


Live Control is a live processing application that I have been developing for many years. It is principally designed for the live processing of sounds for loop based composition, it offers joystick control of an overdrive unit, extensive sends and receives, and microphone effects. Listen to my piece Hephaestus’ Fire as an example of a piece processed live on this application. 

Please contact me if you’d like a link to a download of any of these applications.